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She's probably the flirtiest regular. Your hardcore fans are your hardcore fans.

There are some restrictions on what words can be copyrighted, but that they've "existed forever" is not. Sexy ebony lesbian pictures. T pol naked. T'Pol does have a beneficial effect on him. There's no suprises, because we know how things go later. Countdown 10 Trip laughs and says, "What are your plans for the future? T'Pol feels Amanda really is a threat. Being an ambassador, he wanted to learn all about Terrans humans even though we later learn he had emotions for her that he kept to himself.

This is basically an excuse for the two of them to not only see each other, but also shed some clothing and massage each other in compromising positions on a regular basis. Last season ended with T'Pol leaving the Vulcan high command, so she would no longer wear the same uniform. If we flip this, alot of the original female Trek fans loved Spock.

I enjoyed your collection of moments a lot! Another problem I had was how some of the episodes got repetitive, such as the ones where Tucker and sometimes insert character here go and get kidnapped.

If anything, my main point of contention is that Enterprise brought sex to Star Trek, but it sadly only brought hetereosexuality. People that send nudes on snapchat. Such a beautiful scene. As he looks out the viewscreen, he watches as the Xindi weapon, an enormous round grey-silver globe seething with the powerful might of its accelerating weaponry, approaches and then fires upon the Earth, which it swiftly proceeds to destroy. A man showing his true feelings.

In The Game of Love: Leeta is paid arm candy, she's a dabo girl by trade so her sex appeal is part of the job. Voyager was a show conceived in feminist or at least pro-woman terms. While Hoshi did have some sexy moments I think ENT actually explored sexuality with each main cast member some whather main purpose or use wasn't for fan service compared to Deanna, 7of9, or T'Pol.

Vulcans do however, although some would like to deny it, have emotions. And come on, the very first episode has her topless while she's rubbing shiny gel on her body, and seeing her wearing next to nothing in the decontamination chamber certainly wasn't an uncommon event in the series. Damage 7 Yet her dreams reveal not only her desires, but her greatest fear: Vulcans typically have sharp features, especially in parts like their eyebrows, and we've all heard how Spock in early episodes looked almost like a demon because of his inhuman features.

I just watched all of Star Trek: Countdown 15 T'Pol has new orders: Discussion reposts are OK.

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These creatures, having been deceived into believing that humans are their great enemy who will destroy them in the future, misguidedly and preemptively retaliate against the Earth, which they repeatedly attempt to destroy.

Also the episode with the Pegasus wasn't a two parter. Being stripped naked. T'Pol also had an emotional experience at a Jazz nightclub years before the Enterprise, and her mother commented that T'Pol has aways been bad a controlling her emotions. Maurice Mitchell December 17, at 5: Things were much different in than they are today. In spite of the heavy-handedness of the writing in the addiction subplot in Season 3 and the will-they-won't-they UST between Trip that really needed to be resolved and never was Fuck These Are The Voyages she was my favourite character.

When she appeared on the set with her new look, no objections were raised. You can have both, but you can't substitute one for the other, because the audience is not stupid. Harbinger 11 T'Pol thanks Trip for allowing her to explore him I can't thank you enough for putting this together. On 11 August at On several occasions, she was depicted wearing less clothing than would likely be acceptable on the bridge.

Awkward placement of it into an established TNG Timeline. Just ask Dr Phlox The more you know bishes. T pol naked. Bbw flashing tits. T'Pol feels Amanda really is a threat. I get why they were there and all that, but they were Now of course some of you will likely have answers to these problems, but them existing in the first place really grinds my gears.

Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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Overall it was a cool show. When last we saw our favorite couple, Trip was not going to let Vulcan protocols interfere with his thirst for revenge against the Xindi.

This version of white manhood represents the extraordinary resilience of the model, its ability to adapt to the pressures and demands of alternative and now more visible and vocal forms of sexuality and gendered identity — feminist, queer, transgendered — while only more effectively consolidating and maintaining its power. Jack March 11, at In its third season, Enterprise experimented with ongoing, continuous storytelling arcs. The third-season episode "Harbinger" had the first non-sexual nude scene in Star Trek television history.

Why would you take the shock and surprise of that moment and just deflate the whole thing by giving the viewer a heads-up? I don't find it coincidental that this incident occurred in the same year that T'Pol became addicted to trellium-D after her exposure to it aboard the Seleya in the Expanse.

One of the practices that was most likely to be questioned by an audience from were the Betazoid wedding traditions, where all those present at a wedding were expected to attend the ceremony in the buff! She zings him with her comment to "use logic more quietly" and imagines for him one of the funniest Trip facial expressions ever. On 02 July at We then get a close-up of utterly befuddled Archer, as nude as a new baby, with apparently similar abilities to make sense of the situation.

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